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Welcome To NSD, Mumbai


Educational Institutions are special places dedicated to the creative, responsible and effective application of knowledge for the benefit of the society.

Hence, with changing scenario, education inevitably has to mold itself to serve the needs and aspirations of the society.

The Interior Design programs are designed to ensure the high quality and to be of direct relevance to commerce, social sectors and the professionals.

The continuous involvement of people from various design fields makes the studies highly competitive and relevant at NSD.

The institute strives to develop innovative approaches for making and understanding works of design that have meaning in today's complex society.

The institute prepares students for roles as active professionals. They learn to approach aesthetic, intellectual and technical problems through scholarly and experimental analysis.

Concurrently, students develop highly professional attitude towards their work and the solution of significant creative problems. They learn to pursue

challenging and exciting careers in academics and profession. We believe that our commitment and strengths can help people realize the goals and hopes for the future!

The new campus of NSD is ready at Airoli, Navi Mumbai. This campus will have full time Degree Course in Interior Design and also has a future plan of starting the Master's Degree in the field of design. It will be functional very soon.

Prof. S. B. Dhale ( Principal )